Joyetech Exceed Edge 2ml Cartridge & TPD Compliant
Joyetech Exceed Edge Cartridge Size
Joyetech Exceed Edge Cartridge Filling System

Joyetech Exceed Edge Cartridge 2ml 5pcs (with Coil)

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Joyetech Exceed Edge Cartridge 2ml 5pcs (with Coil)

With built-in coil system, this disposable pod perfectly fits the Joyetech EXCEED Edge. It is meant to offer you a delectable and pure flavor for mouth-to-lung enthusiasts. Still, you can refill the e-juice from the bottom. It's convenient to hold different flavored e-juice inside.

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Size: 16.5*23.0*36.5mm
Weight: 6.0g
Color: black
Cartridge capacity: 2.0ml
Coil resistance: 1.2ohm

Joyetech Exceed Edge Cartridge SizeJoyetech Exceed Edge Cartridge Outlook

Disposable pod
E-juice manufacturers can pre-inject different flavored e-juice inside for sale. It's convent for customers to carry out.

Refillable system
The EXCEED Edge Pod utilizes a convenient filling system. Just open the stopper on the bottom and inject the e-liquid into the cartridge easily.

Joyetech Exceed Edge Cartridge Refillable System

Eco-friendly material
The EXCEED Edge Pod is mainly made from PETG which is healthy,
heat resistant and recyclable.

Safety Joyetech Exceed Edge Cartridge

2ml capacity and TPD compliant
With 2ml e-liquid capacity, the EXCEED Edge Pod is TPD compliant.

Joyetech Exceed Edge 2ml Cartridge & TPD Compliant