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Since the development of the electronic cigarette industry, there have been a variety of e-ciga devices, and their appearance is very rich, with different shapes. The Dovpo Peaks Kit is a vaping device that allows you to remember it for the first time. And Doovpo Peaks Review is also very good. Let's take a closer look now.

Dovpo Peaks Pod Kit

About Dovpo Peaks Pod Kit

Dovpo Peaks Kit or Peaks AIO is a uniquely designed flip Pod System, similar in appearance to the "Zippo Lighter". The body is made of zinc alloy material, which has a pleasant metallic feel and excellent printing effects. Built-in 650mAh battery, 8W-15W output, running smoothly and powerfully. With multiple protection mechanisms and Type-C USB Charging and upgrading, you will get a vibrant and stable vaping experience. 2 adjustable taste modes will satisfy your appetite. The top pod can use 2 different coils, one is 0.8ohm Mesh Coil and the other is 1.4ohm Ceramic Coil. The two coils have different resistances, structures, and materials, which can satisfy both MTL vapers and DL Chasers.

Dovpo Peaks Pod Review

Dovpo Peaks Review

Dovpo Peaks Pod Review has not yet received a large number of reviews, but so far its potential is huge, and Dovpo Peaks Pod is selling very well in the UK, but it has not appeared in other countries, but it is a device with great potential. Luckily, the Dopepo Peaks Pod Kit is now on sale in the Vapeciga online vape shop. Harga Dovpo Peaks: only $16.99, free shipping worldwide. And new users have great discounts, but there is only one color: Pixiu. As for the other Princess, Feather, and Lion colors, there are no more stocks. After the evaluation, the Dovpo Peaks Review is given.

It tastes good and the clouds are good
Easy coil replacement
Easy top filling and easy operation
Liquid capacity is easy to watch and easy to identify
Novel design and comfortable feel
Small size and easy to carry

Cannot stand alone
Although the flip design is great, there is no zippo lighter experience.

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 Dovpo Peaks Pod Kit Includes

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