How To Blow The Smoke Ring?

I believe that every vapers will have some cool skills or unique skills, and the smoke ring is the most common skill in vapers, and also the basis for learning more tricks. So how do we learn to blow the smoke ring?
First of all, you must have before you learn to smoke the ring, that is a device that belongs to you. Vapeciga has a variety of vaping device for beginners and experienced vapers. The device smoke is large, smooth and thick, and the vape equipment runs smoothly and safely. Security makes you vaping more freely and makes your skills easier to implement.
In fact, there are many ways to achieve the make smoke ring, so today I will provide you with the 3 simplest ways to blow smoke rings.

1. Beat: Blow Smoke Ring

Beat Face to Blow The Smoke Ring

This method is very suitable for beginners. Many people think it is a "cheating" method, but I think it is a very fast, very simple and effective method. You do n’t need to master the techniques of throat and breath. Places with small air flow, let some smoke gather in your mouth, let the smoke stay in your mouth, but don't inhale into your throat or lungs, and then shrink your lips to form an “O” shape. Shrink it so that the smoke will not run out, let him stay in your mouth, and finally, beat your cheek gently and rhythmically, then you will get some mini smoke rings.

2. Push-out: Blow Smoke Ring

This method is suitable for beginners with a certain foundation, and the roll-out smoke ring needs your mouth and breath. First of all, you need to leave some smoke in your mouth, then place your tongue naturally, and let your mouth will show an O-shape. With the help of the throat and esophagus, squeeze the smoke outward, and keep the tip of your tongue still, so you can also blow a smoke ring.

3. Pop-up: Blow Smoke Ring

This method is suitable for beginners with a certain level of strength. This method requires the use of throat and breathing rhythm techniques. First, you need to leave some smoke in your mouth or throat, and then your mouth presents an O-shape, pressing the tongue against Your upper jaw, at last, has a small bounce on your upper jaw and throat, so that the smoke will pop out through your mouth under the push of your tongue, achieving the effect of a smoke ring.

The above three are my daily ways to smoke the most, and also the most skilled way. Of course, there are more ways to smoke, you can also use some tools to achieve this effect.

Smoke Ring Principle

The formation of a smoke ring is a product of fluid dynamics and is also called vortices. It can be understood as the pressure of the mouth on the smoke and airflow, which moves the air and smoke in the mouth. The most important condition the first is that your mouth must present an O-shape, and then in a place with small air flow, if there is a strong wind, your smoke will be blown away as soon as it comes out of the mouth. Finally, you have to ensure that you have Too much smoke. If there is too little smoke, not only is it not enough, but at most you blow out a smoke ring, there will be no smoke in your mouth to support you to blow again.

Smoke Ring Principle

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