How To Change Vape Coil

Every vapers must know to change the vape coil. If you are a beginner and you feel burnt or the taste is weak, then you have to learn how to change the vape coil, now, I will tell you how to quickly change vape coil.
In fact, it is very easy to change the vape coil, and it recorded in the product details page or the product manual how to change the vape coil.

How To change vape coil

Change Vape Coil Steps

1. Remove the tank from the vape body Disassembling the vape is the most careful step. The left and right hands hold the vape body and the tank, and rotate in the opposite direction to make the tank unscrew from the vape body, so that the tank can better change the vape coil.

2. Turn the tank upside down and turn the bottom of the tank counterclockwise to remove the tank base from the tank. The upside-down is for better effort and to prevent juice left in the tank. Some tanks will have an airflow adjustment hole at the bottom. You do n’t need to worry, just a little below. You can remove the coil with a little force.

3. At this time you will get a tank tube and a tank base. The atomizing head is also connected to the coil base, also known as a replacement head. You can wrap the coil head with paper towel and select the coil counterclockwise to make it from the vape base Shedding, paper towel is to keep your hands clean and not greasy, of course, if you don’t mind, you can also hold the coil head directly with your hands without wrapping it with paper towel.

4. Discard the electronic juice liquid in the tank tube, wash the tank with warm water, dry it with a towel or paper towel, and set it aside.

5. Open the package, take out the new coil, or new coil that matches the tank, and then drip the juice along the cotton. Remember to drip a small amount of juice to let the cotton have more time to absorb the juice. The dried cotton continues to drip into the juice, and finally makes its cotton fully absorb the juice to fullness.

6. Then replace the juice-filled coil to coil base, rotate it clockwise until it is tight, but don’t overtighten it too hard, and finally put the coil head into the tank, and finally fill the tank with fresh e-liquid, inside the tank Also do not fill up. Prevent juice overflow. Then the replacement is successful.

PS: If it is a certain type of AIO kit and Pod System, it is easier to change, just replace the Pod cartridge.

* If it is a Rebuildable Atomizer, you need to buy a Vape Coil Wire to replace it, you need to use DIY tools to change the coil. First you have to open the rebuildable atomizer, then use the "+" screwdriver to remove the charcoal coil on the coil posts, and clean the post and the coil deck, and finally stabilize it at the link of the coil and the post holes, and finally in the coil circle Put in the cotton, smooth it out, and finally insert it into the tank so that the cotton edge is not exposed to the air, and you are done.

Vape Coil & Wire Sale | More Detailed Video of Making Coils and Changing Vape Coils:

When Is The Coil Changed

The vapers change the coil once every 1-2 weeks on average, but in many cases it depends on the suction habits of each vapers. The higher the frequency, the more frequent the coil replacement. The sucked taste becomes lighter, sour, or burnt, and the coil can be changed.

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt with New Coil

1. Pour out your juice and change with another e-liquid. If there is still a problem of burnt or light taste, it is the cause of the device. It may be that the output of the device is not enough to cause the taste to be light or too high to cause a burnt taste.

2. Change the higher output device to detect. If the taste is pure, it is the reason for the juice.

3. If it is still the case after replacing the juice and output device, check your coil. Because the resistance of the coil is different, the suitable power is different. For example, a sub-ohm coil does not require a high output to produce a wonderful taste. If the output is too high, it is easy to burn.

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