How To Clean Vape Coil

The service life of the coil is related to the use environment, usage habits, frequency and e-liquid of different users. A tank wash or rebuildable atomizer can be washed about 5-10 times, greatly saving costs.

Cleaning the vape coil is a task that requires careful and patience. For example, the coil is burnt by dry burning, you need to clean it again.

When using electronic cigarettes, in addition to cleaning the atomizers we have used, it is best to clean the new atomizers received, because these devices are manually assembled, which will inevitably lead to unsanitary conditions. And safety, we better clean it ourselves. How to clean the atomizer and coil? Today I will tell you a more practical method.

Materials to be prepared for cleaning: cups, tweezers, alcohol (medical alcohol), cotton swabs.

The first step, for safety, to prevent us from accidentally pressing the switch, we want to make sure it has been completely shut down, we need to remove the battery. We need to disassemble the atomizer from bottom to top, namely the base, the atomization core, the atomization bin, and the cigarette holder. Wipe the machine clean. It should be noted that there are rubber rings on the top and bottom of the atomizing core, and remove them with tweezers. Clean up the remaining material, and after completing all the cleaning work, put the battery back in.

I clean the Atomizer and the Mod first, and use tweezers to remove the cotton core from the Atomizer. If the cotton sticks tightly, you can hold the hand in the position of the coil (to prevent the coil from being twisted when pulling the cotton forcefully). Pull the cotton force hard to pull the cotton out. Then we prepare a cotton swab, clean the inside of the atomizer, and wipe directly with the cotton swab residual cotton or e-liquid on the atomizer, blow it again with your mouth, blow off the residue, and then repeat this operation step to clean up as much as possible the cotton residue on the atomizer.

The second step, it is to fill a small glass with warm water, put the previously removed battery back into the vape mod, and then turn on the switch to burn the vape coil again. It should be fully burned, and then soak the atomizer in warm water (preferably soak in mineral water, because tap water will have a lot of minerals, it will be attached to the coil in response to the coil), then take it out again, and continue to press the ignition key intermittently (press intermittently, do not press in all time). Then immerse it in warm water and repeat this step several times until the coil is clean. We can see that a lot of dirty materials fall off the coil into the water, and the water slowly becomes turbid.

After the coil is clean, wipe it again with a clean cotton swab. By the way, suck in the remaining water to ensure that all the cotton dust on the coil or the atomizer is removed. Then press the ignition key to heat the coil inside the atomizer until the atomizer is evaporated. Water vapor inside. If you are a novice, you must pay attention to avoid the water flow into the vape mod to damage the circuit board, and when you clean the coil, you must release the power switch to make it power off.

The third step, after the cleaning is completed, press the ignition key to let the coil burn completely. If there is a part that is particularly bright, it needs to be adjusted. Use tweezers to repeatedly clamp the ends of the coil under the premise of power failure, and adjust it with the ordinary coil, the method is the same. Until the burning color is completely uniform. After everything is done, the cool-down cotton is ready for use.

The method introduced above is a relatively clean and easy-to-use method. In addition to this method, some e-cigarette enthusiasts also use the following methods to clean the atomizer and coil.

Method 1: Hot water, warm water can be poured into the electronic atomizer with an appropriate amount of hot water, shake it gently for one to two minutes, then pour the water out and dry it with a hairdryer. This method is simple, but still leaves a strong taste of e-liquid.

Method 2: Vinegar, necessities for daily life. Put the Atomizer in clear water mixed with vinegar, and then cook. After about ten minutes, rinse with water and blow dry. Cleaning the Atomizer with vinegar is a good choice, and the results are ok.

Method 3: Coca-Cola, American Beverage Soaks. The electronic atomizer in a glass of Coca-Cola, which takes about 24 hours. Take out, wash with warm water or cold water or boiled water, and blow dry. This method is cumbersome and the results may not be ideal. The e-liquid tastes strong.

Method 4: Vodka, Russian wine. Blow dry the Atomizer, pour an appropriate amount of vodka, seal the mouth of the atomizer with your fingers, and gently shake for one to two or two minutes before discarding. Then rinse with hot water and let it dry. Remember, you don't need to blow, the taste of vodka needs to fade away. This is a very cute method, but it is also a more effective method, which can basically eliminate the dirt and taste on the inner wall of the electronic cigarette atomizer.

Method 5: Tilt the paper on the table. Place the Atomizer on it. It takes about 24 hours. The smoke in the electronic atomizer will slowly stay out. Rinse with warm water and dry with a hair dryer. This is also considered a more effective method.

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