What Does Sub Ohm Mean?

If you are a beginner in the world of electronic cigarettes, I think you will definitely hear the word "sub ohm" often. Vapers who are proficient in vaping will often mention sub ohms, especially those that are committed to generating larger clouds. So what does "Sub Ohm" mean?

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What is the Sub Ohm

Sub Ohm refers to a low resistance coil or device that is less than one ohm, and usually refers to a resistance coil that has a 0.5 ohm or smaller coil directly sucked into the lungs, so it is named sub-ohm. Because sub-ohm coils or devices can provide sufficient airflow and low power resistance, they can create huge clouds, so they are sought after by many cloud-loving vapers.

Sub Ohm Coils

Sub Ohm Pros

1. Ability to have thick clouds: low resistance, low power requirements, and huge clouds can be generated faster after the hit.
2. Strong flavor: The sub-ohm coil or device can evaporate a large amount of e-liquid at a time, and you can feel the strong flavor every time you vaping.
3. Warm vape experience: If you want to have a warm vape experience, sub-ohm can be easily achieved, especially in high-power sub-ohm equipment.
4. Greater airflow: Because of the direction into the lungs and unrestricted airflow, sub-ohms require more airflow to cool the coil.

Sub Ohm Cons

1. The increased wattage of sub-ohms also makes the steam hot. If you vaping for a long time and continuously, you may burn your lips.
2. Not suitable for beginners. Sub ohm was only used for advanced vapers in the past. They can understand sub ohm very deeply and can control sub ohm equipment and coils to make them safe during use.
3. Choose suitable VG (vegetable glycerin) / PG (propylene glycol) e-juice liquid. Different proportions of e-liquid have different smoking effects, especially in sub-ohm equipment, which can feel the difference of e-liquid, and sub-ohm equipment can meet you well The desire for nicotine, but for your safety, it is not recommended that you use a high proportion of nicotine juice.

If you are very interested in sub-ohms, then I recommend you to try it, but it is best for beginners to buy complete sub-ohm equipment or sub ohm tank to use, you can also find experienced vapers help, I think they are Willing to show you about sub ohm equipment.

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