The Vape Crackdown Is Becoming A Political Issue

Vapers and vape shop owners have been set off anger by President trump's announcement of a vape flavor ban, arguing that their businesses and those who regard vapes as a device for quitting smoking are being undermined. Plenty of vapers oppose the vaping ban on social media. The White House comment line and statehouse steps read, "we vote, we vote." Vape vote has become a political issue.

THC products are the culprits.

There have also been mixed opinions in the United States for retailers to pull vapes from their shelves. It was noted that there was no clear evidence that the recent cases of lung disease caused by Regulated Vaping Products.
Currently, medical researchers in the United States are trying to figure out the real cause of more than 500 cases of lung disease. Ironically, Walmart is pulling vapes off the shelves. Meanwhile, it is keeping traditional cigarettes on the shelves. Is the harm of cigarettes much less than that of vapes?
It's worth noting that most of the recent "vape cases" have been linked to vapors containing THC, a psychoactive compound in marijuana. On Sept. 24, the CDC states that lots of the patients who had been diagnosed said they had vaped THC from marijuana, and some of them emphasized that they only vape with nicotine liquids.

It is likely for adult smokers to buy more cigarettes

Tony Abboud, executive director of the steam technology association, an American vape lobby, says: "it is a mistake for Walmart to put cigarettes on the shelves and ban on the usage of vapes, which will encourage adult smokers to buy more cigarettes. And it has been that vape as an alternative to smoking could save lives."
It is time for us to recognize the distinction between regulated vaping products and inferior Products, instead of denying vapes completely and stirring up public discontent. Vape ban is likely to make people who rely on vapes to quit smoking return to cigarettes. Nevertheless, traditional cigarettes are far more harmful than vapes.

The vape protests is becoming a political issue

The vape protests have become a political issue in recent several days. Protesters in the vaping ban have made progress in some movements. Currently, some advocates believe the burgeoning anger could escalate into a political event that could affect the vote of more than 10m adult vapers and 20,000 vape shopkeepers across the country. That could affect the presidential election in 2020.
The Trump administration is considering whether to continue allowing menthol and mint-flavored vapes to flow on the market, which would mark a significant step back from the "all non-tobacco" flavor ban announced in September.
Vape ban could cause many adults to take up cigarettes again, putting their physical and mental health at great risk. Political groups are beginning to notice that vapes are not just a hobby, but an identity and an enduring culture. The measure we should take is to reduce the frequency of teenagers using vapes including nicotine liquids, rather than negating the regulated vaping products.
On the one hand, regulated vaping products should be maintained. On the other hand, the legal rights of vapers and vape shop owners should be protected. In the face of the mixed opinions in social media, we are supposed to boycott the illicit usage of vapes containing THC.
The current findings suggest that most of the recent cases are related to illicit marijuana vaping products, a compound called tocopherol acetate. Most of the illicit marijuana products are sold on the black market. On the contrary, there is no problem with products that conform to the rules. What we need to do is to boycott THC products rather than ban all the vapes. The best vape mod 2019 is Steam Crave Hadron, which is armed with rich vapor and gorgeous flavor.
On the other side, we should also strengthen the protection of vapes for teenagers. For example, teenagers are prohibited from vaping, and businesses that restrict the sale of vapes to minors will increase penalties.



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One heavy smoker tried to quit cigarettes several times, but it didn't work. And smoking is expensive, with the cost of cigarettes rising to $350 a month, or $4,000 a year. So he made up his mind to quit smoking and started to work on cheap vapes. Since vapes don't burn, tear or dust, he feel his quality of life has made more progress. Thee parts of oral hygiene, skin health, blood circulation, lung capacity have all been improved due to the absence of harmful gases.
From this practical example, we can realize that regulated vaping products should be maintained, as it will help more people quit cigarettes and live as healthy as life, while also resisting illicit THC products sold by unscrupulous merchant and illegal vapes on the black market. Only in this way can we create a healthy and safe consumption environment and pass on the vape culture.
On the contrary, in the UK, vapes are gaining momentum, which is mainly used by people who want to quit smoking. To our surprise, vapes are not popular among British teenagers, which seems to reflect the original intention of vape design, a healthy lifestyle.
After all, teenagers are addicted to nicotine liquids doesn't mean that the public is addicted to nicotine liquids. In contrast, adults are not as addicted to nicotine liquids as teenagers. It is hoped that vape will keep a long term development in the United States and vapers will possess their own vape culture.
There is no doubt that e-cigarettes as a replacement have a huge impact on adults. And it is reshaping the way we socialize as a cultural trend. Whereas, It is urgent to protect teens from using nicotine liquids. There should also be a crackdown on THC sold on the black market. The legal interests of vapers and vape shop owners should and must be protected, and such a curb will only lead to public anger and increase the number of people who relapse into cigarettes. We vape, We vote. Vape ban protests are the significant efforts by vapers to stand up for its own vape culture and rights.

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