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2020 was a unfriendly year, and a virus appeared in Wuhan, China: a new coronavirus. The United States has had the deadliest flu in 40 years. Affected by extreme weather, Australian wildfires have continued to burn for more than four months, and hundreds of millions of animals have died. 300,000 bats invaded Australia. Locust outbreak in East Africa. Earthquakes continue to occur in many places around the world ... This year is an unfriendly year, but vapeciga believes that after this global disaster, we will usher in new economic growth and the future will get better and better.
Of course, China has also taken all necessary actions, and has actively taken corresponding measures to deal with the new coronavirus in Wuhan, with obvious results.
1. In response to the new coronavirus in Wuhan, China has adopted the method of temporarily closing the city of Wuhan. Although this method is inhumane and unfriendly to Wuhan, the effect and result are very obvious. The virus has a seven-day incubation period, so take this The method is very wise, because the phenomenon of "people-to-people" must be fundamentally eliminated.
2. In the face of more and more patients, China has vigorously allocated funding to assist Wuhan in building a new "Fire-God Mountain Hospital" within 10 days, with 1,000 beds, 1,500 "Thunder God Mountain Hospital" beds, and two large hospitals, providing free medical care to those in need. People, and the Chinese people are united in heart, and are actively helping, providing assistance to the people of Wuhan free of charge. I believe it will get better. This disaster is also a test of unity for all people in China and makes China more united.

Wuhan, China “雷神山"Wuhan, China "火神山"
3. Issue a statement to temporarily close individual collective activity venues, encourage people to work from home, minimize contact with people, and wait for the epidemic to stabilize before reopening. Of course, except for individual merchants, such as large Wal-Mart supermarkets, they can continue to operate, but during the business period, safety measures, temperature monitoring, disinfection, security measures, and medical measures must be done.

Body Temperature Monitoring
4. The people of the whole country responded positively, and people from all over the country made warmhearted care, such as providing independent donation platforms, major logistics companies and individuals, and regional representatives to provide free transportation and materials, and help to deliver materials to Wuhan.
I believe this disaster will not take long. The year 2020 will be even better, and a number of emerging companies will emerge to drive economic development.
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  • bede

    prayers and hugs from australia to all our chinese brothers and sisters.
    Everyone stay safe and we hope things get back to normal very soon <3

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