Are Juul Pods taxed?

The House Ways and Means Committee has announced a tariff on nicotine liquids, which is aimed at reducing the usage of vaping products by teenagers. For reference, the average Juul pod, with 5% nicotine content and 0.7 mL of liquid, would be taxed at $1.15.


The bill did not address illicit products, like the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana, THC. Most Republicans on the committee said that THC should be addressed rather than legal nicotine, as most vaping-related injury patients were found to have used THC products before getting sick.


Because teenagers are sensitive to the price, teenagers can buy fewer vapes. Whereas, the recent cases of the disease were caused by THC which is the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana. on the black market. THC products have made the vape industry a mess.


On the other hand, this measure also means that vapes are becoming more standardized, which is a blow to unscrupulous businesses. As a result, vaper's rights can be effectively protected by law. There is no doubt that lots of people have quit smoking through vaping. Vapes are inexpensive, highly recyclable, which can be heated without burning something. Compared with traditional cigarettes, vapes can be regarded as a healthy lifestyle.


Trump's ban on flavored vape juice is, to some extent, a disrespect for the legitimate rights of vapers. It may reduce the frequency of vape usage among teenagers. However, it is not correct to make those who rely on vapes to quit return to traditional cigarettes again.


As the Juul incident continues to rumble, there are plenty of mixed opinions. Some people argued that Juul has become the enemy of vapes which is destroying vapes. With the government's resistance to vapes, the anger of vapers was aroused. Besides, vapers launched a lot of protests under the slogan “We vape we vote”. A large number of vapers voices have been raised in social media and the vape issue has become a political issue.


The bill is expected to raise $10 billion in revenue from the U.S. government. Perhaps we should do more than reduce teen dependence on nicotine. A total boycott of vapes has angered vapers.


Instead, try to crack down on the THC in the black market. Reject inferior vapes, and regulate the vape market. Besides, switch from vape pods to vape mods and spread the real vape culture. After all, vape mod is the real origin of vape culture.


Next, let us recognize vapes again.

It is important for people who have just quit smoking to find a healthy alternative. Whereas, they usually hesitate to use vapes as a transition. Because there are many positive and negative reports via social media, which makes the public confused.


But the UK has listed vapes as a healthy smoking cessation product and announced that vapes are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. They are superior options for consumers because they are small, portable, non-burning and less expensive than traditional cigarettes.


Convertible Attitude

Nevertheless, no more words are worth your own experience.

Once vapes were released, they quickly swept the world as a fashion trend. Not only they are a device of smoking cessation, but also as a popular culture. Vapes allow us to stop shrinking from smoking and vape normally in the public.

It has also become a social medium that allows us to get out of our homes, actively attend parties, make like-minded friends, and talk to each other about the joys and sorrows of life. And as a fashion trend, vapes can make us stand out and attract more attention at parties.

One vaper brought the vape tricks to the stage by appearing on America's talent show and giving the audience a stunning smoke show that not only showcased the incredible vape tricks but also showed how vapes can make a significant difference as a healthy life choice.


The experience gets worse. 

Nevertheless, vapes also have plenty of minor problems that need to be dealt with daily, such as liquid leaks and carbon deposits. If paying more attention, we can avoid these problems.

The performance of lots of vape products are indeed unstable, with various details not in place and minor problems frequently occurring, which greatly affects consumers' sense of experience.

As a matter of fact, a lot of consumers do not have enough time to understand vapes. Therefore, this needs vape manufacturers to put themselves in their shoes. Update vape related knowledge, so that the public might better understand vapes.


Choice: return to the  vape mods culture

Vapes are not only meeting our requirements for replacement but also forming their own unique culture. vape pods are exquisite and portable. Whereas, high levels of nicotine are dangerous to people’s health. By contrast, vape mods can meet the demand of the public and have low nicotine content.


The category of vape mods includes the tank, RDA, RTA, and RDTA. And each type of RDA, RTA, and RDTA is updated to better satisfy the needs of consumers. There is no substitute for the vape tricks, the experience, and the flavor. After all, vape mod is the torch of The Times, and it passes on the concept of the health and safety of vape s. Only by strengthening vape control can we have a healthy vape environment.


Is the future of vape mods or vape pods?

Nowadays, vape mods as the true vape culture seem to be being ignored. People marvel at the portability and small size of the cigarette, however, they do not realize that the high nicotine content of the cigarette is also harmful to people's health. As the originator of the vape industry, vape mod has been fading away, but it is still elegant.

In my opinion, the vape mod culture is the mainstream of The Times. As the JUUL incident continues to fete, doubts have been raised about the high nicotine content of vape pods. By contrast, vape mod which has low nicotine not only has the effect of quitting smoking but also carries forward as a kind of culture. Only by strengthening regulation, rather than provoking the anger of vapers, can the government truly curb the unhealthy trends in the vape market and create a clean and healthy environment for vape culture to continue to develop.


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