Reward Points

Be a part of VAPECIGA REWARDS PROGRAM and start earning VC points now!

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How does it work?
1. Earn Points: We provide some ways to earn points for you, for example, the points you earned can be used to get coupon code, you can use the code when you check out on our site.

2. Referral: When you referred our product to your friends, and your friends make an order on our website, we can give you and your friends a reward.

Ways to earn points:
We currently have 5 ways available for you to earn points:

Sign up - vapeciga    Sign up: 100 points
Celebrate a birthday - vapeciga    Celebrate a birthday: 300 Points
Place an order - vapeciga     Place an order: 1 Points for every $1 spent
facebook - vapeciga     Share on Facebook: 50 Points
Twitter - vapeciga     Share on Twitter: 50 Points


Ways to spend points:

Ways to spend points

250 Points = $5 off discount

500 Points = $10 off discount

750 Points = $15 off discount

1000 Points = $20 off discount

2000 Points = $50 off discount


1. Before checking out your cart, please make sure to log into your account.
2. Please keep in mind that orders cannot be placed using all Reward Points so be sure to adjust so at least $1 is charged to a card during checkout.

Referral a friend:

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.

Advocate Reward: $5 off discount for all orders

Friend Reward: $5 off discount for order over $40