Best Vape Mod: Kindbright Katana style Semi-mech Mod

       What is the best vape mod in 2019? I think you will all think of the SXK Stealth VW box mod, which is also a very popular mod in 2019. Now it's coming, it will be the next new star - Kindbright Katana semi-mechanical mod!

Unlike the SXK Stealth, the Kindbright Katana semi-mechanical mod is made of 3D printing and made of nylon and stainless steel for added strength and stability. It is compatible with a 24mm diameter atomizer and weighs only 0.18kg. It is light and convenient, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Of course, you must install an 18650 battery to start it. Kindbright katana gives you an unprecedented MTL vaping experience with its strong power and unique touch. I think this is the temptation that all MTL enthusiasts can't refuse.

[OK, let us appreciate its "sexy" and click image to learn more or buy]

Kindbright Katana Style Semi-mechanical ModKindbright Katana Style Semi-mechanical ModKindbright Katana Style MTL 18650 Box ModKindbright Katana Style MTL Black 18650 Box Mod

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