Exseed Dabcool W2 Using Experience

How to use:

  • STEP 1: Fully charge device before first use. White lights pulse while charging, and turn off automatically when complete.(1 light: 0-25%; 2 lights: 25-50%; 3 lights: 50-75% ; 4 lights: 75-100%)
  • STEP 2: Fill glass with water just above the air-hole. Do not fill glass while attached to base.
    Do not allow water in lower section!
  • STEP 3: Align inlet hole on the front of the glass with atomizer. Carefully place the glass into the base.
  • STEP 4: Hold the button for 3 seconds to turn on device (same way to turn off device). The white lights will flash once and the ambient lights will flash sequentially red>blue>green.
  • STEP 5: Single click to toggle through heat settings.

                       1 white light: 450℉ 2 white lights: 500℉
                       3 white lights: 550℉ 4 white lights: 600℉
                       Device will vibrate once while changing heat.

  • STEP 6: Use Loading Tool to place contents on the bottom surface of the bowl [not the side].
  • STEP 7: Place carb cap on top of atomizer.
  • STEP 8: Double click to initiate heat-up [5 seconds avg. ], device will vibrate twice and ambient lights will be red. Single click the button to turn off the heat-up process at anytime.
  • STEP 9: Ambient lights will turn green when ready. ( green lights will be on for 20 seconds, then heat up process automatically stop and ambient lights turn blue)
  • STEP 10: Use a cotton swab to clean the chamber after each use.

Quick link: Exseed Dabcool W2 Kit 1500mAh


Capacity: 1500mah
Size: 194*82*55mm
Weight: 349g
Output Temperature: 450℉/500℉, 600℉/680℉
Surface Material: Metal

Quick link: Exseed Dabcool W2 Atomizer

Quick link: Exseed Dabcool W2 Glass Bubbler


  • Intelligent temperature control system
  • Large capacity battery, better endurance, refuse to wait, support while punching
  • Temperature controllable
  • 4gearsSupport cut tobacco
  • E-liquid, and tobacco paste

Key Function:

  • 5 consecutive presses
  • Press to adjust temperature
  • Double-click to warm up
  • Press 5 times to turn off

In The Box:

  • Alcohol Pad
  • Micro-USB SuperCharger
  • Dab Tool
  • Glass Attachment
  • Atomizer
  • Base
  • Silicone Container
  • Carb Cap
  • Extra Bowl*2


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