How To Choose Your Vape To Quit Smoking

Are you part of the group of electronic cigarette smokers and you tire of the classic electronic cigarette without the possibility of adapting your needs? We know what you need and it's a vape mod! But then, how to choose and on which to stop, we explain everything in this guide!

Before really starting the subject by talking about the usefulness and the composition of the different electronic boxes for your e-cigarette, it is essential to know the authentic definition beforehand. So what exactly is an electronic box? Also called "Mod", the box is none other than a battery that sets itself up as a real engine for your e-cigarette.

There are also two kinds: the electronic box or mod, the mechanical box or mod which has no mechanical component within it. But here, it is in the electronic box that we will be particularly interested in. The term "Mod" being the abbreviation of the word "modified", the electronic box or electronic mod then represents an e-cigarette modified by the manufacturer. These changes will then allow the user to take advantage of certain features that do not exist on conventional electronic cigarettes.

What advantages of a vape mod?

One of the questions that most interests the user: what does the purchase of an electronic box bring to the smoker? Several advantages stand out in particular:

Balanced management of battery usage
Autonomous management of the desired power according to the context
The quality of the vaping experience, in all circumstances
More optimized security
A more pleasant grip
Faster recharging

In short, the vape mod such as DOVPO Mono SQ Box Mod, ensures power, autonomy, and security at each vaping session that the smoker gives himself. All the material useful for vaporization - that is to say atomizers, clearomizers or even the drippers contained in the box - is thus boosted by a powerful and effective battery in all circumstances.

Until then, the vape mod offered on the e-cigarette market was aimed above all at an informed and knowledgeable public. Now, thanks to redesigned technologies, the Mod is intended for all vaping enthusiasts, whatever they are.

Why buy a box?

You will certainly have understood with the reasons mentioned above: the electronic vape mods allow you to improve the vaping experience by offering the possibility of vaping over a longer period and by exploiting all the capacities of the proposed settings. Its great walking autonomy, its power, and its ergonomics allow you to take advantage of the advantages of an e-cigarette by ... eliminating the disadvantages!

We all know that vape can help us quit smoking and relieve our addiction. Ordinary tobacco, when we use, there will be a great smell of smoke, after smoked, there is a smoke flavor in our mouth and our body for a long time, some people around us who don’t like smoking, don’t like the smell of smoke, and use it, the fumes emitted are tar-free, almost no second-hand smoke,
no smell of e-liquid leaves on the body, teeths will not turn yellow, they are easy to carry and use.
The impact on the surrounding environment and family is low.

For smokers who want to quit smoking, we can use vape mods, to enjoy different flavors of e-liquid, we can control the nicotine content automatically, follow our volition, finally smoking cessation can be achieved.
For vape lovers, in addition to being cool, it can also be used for smoke shows, in the youth circle, this is also a very popular new thing.

How are the vape mods made?

Although it is popularized and is no longer reserved only for connoisseurs of the subject, the vape box remains a somewhat mysterious object to those who do not know the properties. Before embarking on the compulsive purchase of a vape box, it is important to know its real usefulness, the price but also the composition.

E-cigarettes are also electronic products, make sure it’s waterproof, dust-proof and fall-proof, so the electronics inside won’t be damaged, ensure it’s service life. The vape mods are made of metal plastic、TPU or TPE materials and so on,
Special protection treatment will be given to electrical parts such as battery cover and interface, in order to achieve waterproof, dustproof, fall-proof of the “three” effect.

Some vape mods are made of metal and soft plastic package molding. This is done by placing a metal frame inside the mold, wrap a layer of TPU or TPE soft adhesive around the metal frame. TPU soft adhesive has high wearability,
good machining performance, oil and water resistance, poisonless and tasteless.

There’s a gap between the buttons on ordinary vape and vape mod, the dust and water can enter the vape mod easily, so the button will be generally silicone in one shape or waterproof structure glue assembly way to achieve the waterproof and dustproof effect. Silicone rubber has many characteristics such as excellent electrical insulation and fatigue resistance, the buttons are integrated with the wrapped silica gel layer, dustproof and waterproof no problem, the buttons feel good and have strength. Add a transparent silicone waterproof seal ring to the battery cover, through the effect of extrusion, silicone deformation sealing thread gap, play a waterproof role. The USB charging port is equipped with a soft rubber plug. The soft rubber plug and the USB seat are closely matched with the soft rubber to prevent dust and water.

The following several products have a dustproof and fall-proof function:

Teslacigs Invader GT Kit

Augvape Narada Pro Kit

ShenRay Armor Style Mech Squonk Mod

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