How To Make Vape Juice

As we all know, the biggest fun of playing electronic cigarettes is DIY, DIY heating wire, DIY wire winder, DIY cotton, even DIY e-liquid.

The Constituents Of E-liquid

If you want to make e-liquid by yourself, firstly, you must understand how e-liquid is made. Today, I would like to talk with vape lovers about how e-liquid is made. The development of vape is only ten years, but the taste of e-liquids has grown to more than 8,000 kinds. You can think of the corresponding e-liquids for food and beverages from various fruits to coffee, bread, and toast.

Compared with the dazzling taste, the composition of e-liquid is very simple, there are only four kinds: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavor.

Propylene glycol is a common drug and food additive. It is hygroscopic, slightly sweet, colorless, odorless and transparent, and has good fluidity. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines PG as "generally safe for humans." PG as one of the basic components of e-liquid is mainly used as a carrier of flavors to enhance the taste of the e-liquid. A small amount of mist is generated after heating, and it has a certain throat hit feeling.

 Vegetable glycerol, like PG, is also a widely used raw material in daily life. Attentive friends look at the cosmetics, food, wine, sugar around them, the ingredients marked on these packages have "propylene glycol, glycerol". People who especially like to eat sweets also consume a lot of VG. Because cakes, biscuits and other sweet ingredients, most of them contain VG. The main role of VG in e-liquid is to produce mist.

 VG will generate a large amount of mist after heating. Generally, friends who use too much smoke or RDA atomizers should know that if you want to increase the amount of smoke, you need to use e-liquid to add a large amount of VG to generate the ideal smoke. VG is highly hygroscopic and very sticky. If the liquidity of an e-liquid is very poor, it must be a high VG ratio. Such e-liquid smoke is very large, the flavor is slightly worse, and the throat hit feel is weak.

Needless to say, nicotine can not only relieve smoking but also produce a certain throbbing sensation. Since pure nicotine is toxic to the skin, it is generally first dissolved in VG.

The thick juice produced by 30% PG to 70% VG will produce a thick cloud, while 70% PG to 30% VG will produce a thinner juice, with the minimum cloud generation to highlight its flavor. For high-power devices, we recommend a PG of 30% -VG ratio of 70%, and a low-wattage vape pen, we suggest a ratio of 50/50.

The role of edible flavor in e-liquid is very important, it can be said that the soul of e-liquid. The flavor of e-liquid is determined by the flavor. The combination of different flavors and flavors determines the flavor of an e-liquid. The general flavor of e-liquid, its flavor formula is also very complicated.


Purpose Of DIY E-liquid

The charm of DIY e-liquid is not to save money, but to create your own flavors and recipes! Adjust the e-liquid to your liking. This is what makes homemade oil really attractive.

 If you are a novice, it is recommended to buy some refined e-liquid formulas, choose a few flavors that you prefer, and then buy flavors according to the flavor content on the formula. In short, this is a trick to start DIY e-liquid. Try to choose the flavors that are used to coincide. You can avoid making too much initial investment by using a high-level formula, but only use a little bit of perfume after buying a lot of flavors and keep it idle to avoid waste.

The tools for making e-liquid are also very simple. Generally, they are divided into two types, one is a measuring tool and the other is an electronic scale. The difference is only in terms of capacity or weight. The difficulty lies in how to improve and invent your own formula, how to master the characteristics of flavors of various flavors, and if they are well-matched, it is the difficulty and essence of DIY e-liquid.

Tools For Blending E-liquid

In fact, the easiest mistake a novice makes is to buy a lot of various tool accessories, and as a result, many of them will be found to be unusable. In fact, you do n’t need much equipment. One 50ml beaker is enough. Lazy people can buy another 100ml beaker. 50ml is used to make 10ml or 30ml e-liquid “samples”. Finished product. " The author recommends that it is best not to take more than 100ml at a time, because if you like the taste, you will have a tiring day with continuous smoking. 100ml of e-liquid is often smoked with less than half of it. "Don't make too much at one time.

In addition to the beaker, the most important thing is the blender. If you don't have one, you can buy a small electric "blender", preferably the plug-in type, because batteries using batteries are mostly underpowered and very power-hungry. Then there is the syringe. The 1ml syringe is used to extract the essence, and the 5ml syringe is used to extract the PG and VG. If you want to make a large batch, then a 50ml or 20ml syringe is also needed, so it is basically complete.

Never buy a bunch of flashy things, because they are not used at all. After getting started, you can consider advanced equipment such as magnetic stirrers. The most important thing is that disposable gloves are necessary to prevent the skin from sticking to nicotine solution and contaminating e-liquid. The goggles author also recommends one to prevent nicotine and e-liquid from getting into the eyes while stirring. According to the specifications, a mask is also required, but if you can hold your breath while handling the nicotine solution, you can not use it. But remember, don't smell the nicotine solution! I tell you that the taste is very bad and the harm is not small.

Use lead-free glass dropper bottles for e-liquid as much as possible, which is good for health and hygiene. If it is stored for a long time, try not to use containers such as plastic and silicone to avoid reaction with the e-liquid, which will affect the quality and taste of the e-liquid.

In fact, DIY e-liquid is not difficult. Everyone feels very complicated and troublesome. Once they have tried it twice, they will feel that the process of modulation is very simple and can be easily completed.


Method For Preparing E-liquid With An Electronic Scale

First, in order to make sure the e-liquid more cleaner, we need to wear rubber gloves.

The first step is to add a nicotine VG solution to the vessel. Since nicotine is very viscous, it is easy to sink to the bottom when preparing e-liquid, so it needs to be shaken for a while before adding. Then, pour the fragrance, PG, and VG into the vessel in that order.

As for the proportion of these four ingredients, in addition to trace amounts of nicotine, the flavor generally accounts for 10% -15%. The proportion of PG and VG is matched according to actual needs. If there are more PG, there will be a stronger throat hit feel and lighter smoke. VG, on the other hand, friends who like big smokes will prefer more VG e-liquid, and the small vape will take a 50:50 ratio, taking into account the throat hit feel and the amount of smoke.

After they are all inverted, we will find that the e-liquid at this time will be clearly divided into four layers due to the different proportions of the four components.

At this time, you need to shake constantly to ensure that they are fully integrated.

Shaking alone is not enough. To make these four components into one, they need to be left for a certain period of time. Or use warm water immersion and ultrasonic cleaner to accelerate the fusion. At this point, a cigarette e-liquid has been produced.

Although the process of making e-liquid is very simple, it is very complicated to formulate the proper fragrance ratio to meet different tastes needs. In the simplest e-liquid, the essence is divided into front and back like perfume.

However, the complex flavor of e-liquid will have a variety of ingredients and flavors, and must be constantly tried to match the appropriate ratio.

 E-liquid Storage

Electronic e-liquid should be kept in a dark place, and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It is best to keep it in the refrigerator. Do not contact with the air for a long time to prevent oxidation into water.

Of course, a good e-liquid cannot be separated from a good Atomizer, or even the best e-liquid will not produce good taste.


How To Soaking Oil

After DIY e-liquid, to make e-liquid have a better taste, it must be inseparable from the "Soaking oil" . For example, the wine is packed in a wooden barrel. Over time, the taste is stronger and more mellow. What are the methods of soaking oil? First of all, let ’s read what is called “Soaking oil”. Soaking oil is to expose the e-liquid oil and allow it to slowly oxidize with air for a long time (2-8 weeks) to improve Method for the temperature of e-liquid (it needs to be clarified that soaking oil is a personal preference and choice, not a necessary step for using e-liquid).

Because according to different personal tastes, some people like fresh taste before soaking, and some people like the taste after soaking. In addition, the necessity and duration of soaking oil are not the same under different e-liquids or different states of e-liquids. For example, just after the e-liquid is produced, it usually takes 2-8 weeks to soak the oil, so that the taste will be stronger; if the e-liquid has been produced for a long time, the e-liquid may not have any effect at this time. For another example, some flavors of e-liquid need to soak to release its flavor. At this time, the effect of soak will be obvious; some flavors will not need soaking, and the taste will not change due to soak for a period.

Today, we introduce 3 common methods of oil soaking for reference only.


Soaking Oil Method

1.Direct air contact method:

After adjusting the e-liquid, shake a small amount by hand, stir a large amount with a stirrer until the e-liquid has a lot of fine bubbles, and then stand still in the air to allow the e-liquid to fully react with the air. Until all the bubbles disappear. This method is suitable for friends who want to smoke after the adjustment. As for the taste, I can only say that different people have different opinions.

 2.Time aging method:

As the name suggests, it is the use of time to allow the e-liquid raw materials to slowly merge and change, and the taste is better. The adjusted oil is still hand-cranked or stirred. When the air bubbles slowly disappear, seal it in a cool and dry place. Leave the remaining time. Ventilation can be shaken every day for the first two days, which can eliminate some bad odors generated during aging. It should not be too long. Just a few minutes at a time.

3.Water-proof heating method

What should I do if I want to pump the e-liquid immediately? The quick way to soak the e-liquid is to heat the e-liquid soaked in water and increase the temperature to accelerate the fusion between the raw material molecules so that the smoke e-liquid can be imported faster.

Note: the temperature of the heated water should not be too high, otherwise the quality of the raw materials will be damaged. In particular, some raw materials in the essence are not suitable for heat treatment. So as not to cause dark cooking because of the last point, the gains are not worth the loss. 

The soaking time is generally 2-8 weeks. Generally speaking, the stronger the flavor of e-liquid, the longer the time, and the clearer the e-liquid, the shorter the time.

E-liquid should be stored in a cool place. If conditions permit, you can use a water bath heating or ultrasonic method to accelerate oil soaking. For example, using a humidifier to soak the oil, the principle of the humidifier, the humidifier is a small ultrasonic element to break up water molecules, so that it becomes very small water molecules, and then play a role in humidification. We use the ultrasonic principle of the humidifier, put the finished e-liquid on the original ultrasonic element of the humidifier, and then turn on the switch. You can observe that your e-liquid is rolling in the sealed small plastic bottle. Please don’t open the bottle cap. If the bottle cap is opened, the essence of e-liquid evaporates.


Soaking Steps

Without opening the bottle cap, shake the bottle with your hands to make the liquid in the bottle bubble.

Open the bottle cap and squeeze the bottle body by hand to squeeze out the stale air in the bottle.

Put the bottle in and wait for 5-10 minutes, and finally close the cap. It is recommended to use it twice a day for a few days. Do not expose the e-liquid to the sun. Be sure to avoid the light!


Sum Up

The surface of the e-liquid preparation looks very simple, and the tools required are also very common. However, in the actual preparation process, the ratio of PG and VG, the form of nicotine, the choice and the proportion of flavors are all whether an e-liquid. "Smoke is suitable", "good entrance", "enough to hit the throat", "not blowing your nose" are the keys.

Each e-liquid of the vapeciga vape juice is prepared by a professional blender and has undergone multiple tests such as negative pressure test and viscosity test, striving for stable performance and peace of mind for smokers.

There are many professional considerations in the preparation of e-liquids, so we do not recommend that you prepare e-liquids at home. Homemade oil has the risks of hygiene and safety. Raw materials are very difficult to distinguish and check for novices, so DIY vape juice needs to be careful!

If you are interested in the research and development of new e-liquids, welcome to collect our vape blog, we will share more e-cigarette knowledge and the latest developments. More e-cigarette welfare activities will tell you in the form of articles.

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