SMOK Nord Kit Review

Nord Kit is from SMOK. List of packaged items: Nord smoke, finished atomization core X2, USB charging cable, manual, warranty card. Nord's overall volume is 94*30*18.8mm and weighs 80g.

There are six colors: Black, red, black white, prism rainbow, prism gold, bottle green. The new SMOK shell is designed with enamel elements and metal material. People have an elegant and luxurious feeling! The button ignition is used, the bottom of the Nord is the USB charging interface, the built-in battery capacity of 1100mAh, compact body, easy to carry! The cartridge is directly inserted into the host device for use, which is convenient and quick. The overall structure of the Nordic bomb is more round, the workmanship details are exquisite, and the 3ML capacity transparent texture of the oil tank is better to observe the use situation! Nord contains two atomizing cores, 1.4Ω and 0.6Ω! 1.4Ω will be more to the taste, 0.6Ω smoke will be bigger! The 0.6Ω atomizing core is designed with a steel mesh core! The volume is smaller! Nord has a refined look and mature craftsmanship! Excellent taste and smoke! The battery capacity of 1100mAh can meet the needs of 2 days of use. Click here to have a look!. 



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