Vapeciga 2019/2020 Best Three Semi-mechanical Vape Mods

vapeciga is a mature online vape shop with a wide variety of products, including mechanical and semi-mechanical mods, starter kits, pod systems, various atomizers and accessories, etc. Complete range, rich products and guaranteed quality.

What is A Semi Mechanical Mod?

A semi-mechanical mod is a mod that uses wires and buttons to complete the circuit. It has a rated power and a specific power output, and is protected by a chip. It will protect you from harm during use. The Semi mechanical mod was developed to allow vaper to experience the most original flavors and to be safe.

vapeciga Best Three Semi-mechanical Vape Mods 2019/2020

1.Acrohm Fush Semi mech mod
The Acrohm fush semi mech mod is one of the hottest mods in 2019-2020, and one of the vapeciga's best-selling mods. Acrohm Fush Semi-mechanical mod is made of stainless steel + bulletproof PC + copper and is 11cm long. It reverses the indifferent and plain image of traditional mechanical mods, it comes with five colors of tube lights, and a built-in 6 protection chip set, ensuring that you can safely and stably fog during the vaping process. And the button responds quickly, the copper inner wall, high conductivity and strong function. It is an indispensable highlight for your friends gathering.
best semi mechanical mod 2019/2020 - Acrohm Fush Semi Mech Mod

2.Dovpo MVV II Semi mech mod
Dovpo MVV II Semi-mechanical mod is made of PC + Zinc Alloy, palm size, there are three patterns to choose from, Dragon, Samurai Hannya, Skull & Roses, interesting and unique. Equipped with three colors LED indicators to remind you of the actual battery life, and the use of Type-C micro USB port, you can recharge in real time and upgrade the firmware. Powerful and practical has always been the hallmark of Dovpo.
best semi mech mod 2019/2020 - Dovpo MVV II Semi Mechanical Mod

3.Kindbright Katana Style semi mechanical mod
what? Kindbright Katana Style semi-mech mod is printed in 3D! Kindbright Katana is made of stainless steel + nylon. The whole is mainly black. It has various protection measures to ensure safe and stable operation. 3D printing technology allows you to immerse in its unique touch. It is not only an electronic cigarette device, but also It is a craft and collectible.
best semi mechanical mod 2019/2020 - Kindbright Katana semi mech mod

The best vape mods above are the three most popular semi-mechanical mods sold by vapeciga. Which one do you like best? Welcome message.

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