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What is VOOPOO

Founded in 2014, VOOPOO is one of the leading brands in the e-cigarette industry, focusing on innovative and high quality vapor devices, with its own voopoo website. The vape product of the VOOPOO Drag series is the best proof. Vapeciga online vape shop sells VOOPOO related e-cigarette products and other brands of e-cigarette products. Free shipping, original authentic, quality assurance.   The GENETICS Chip is a development in the vaping globe that packs a lot of power and modification attributes right into one convenient pack.


What is VOOPOO DRAG X Plus

VOOPOO Drag X Plus is an updated version of VOOPOO Drag X. Compared with the old version, the Drag X Plus kit has improved explosive power, output power, and other aspects.


Together with the new release of Drag 3, VOOPOO also released an upgraded Drag X-Drag X Plus, which approved 21700/18650 single-cell batteries and provided 100W output power. The new VOOPOO Drag X Plus has some other improvements, let's check it out in this article.




The Drag X Plus Vape Kit is equipped with an advanced GENE.FAN.2.0 chipset and is powered by a single 18650 battery. The smallest output power is 5 W and the greatest output power 100 W. The battery from VOOPOO Drag X Plus is detachable, so you can replace the battery at any time without waiting to charge.


Of course, you can also use the Type-C connector to charge it with a current of 5V / 2A.


The VOOPOO Drag X Plus Pod Mod Kit has an intuitive fire button that is very natural to use. There is also a 0.96-inch TFT display under the fire button, on which all vaping data is displayed.


fire button - voopoo



The VOOPOO Drag X Plus Vape Kit is made of high-quality zinc alloys and leather materials and has an ergonomic design that is very comfortable to hold in the hand. It combines leather and metal elements to create a beautiful appearance. The zinc alloy body makes it very light and durable, and the leather does it well.


A standard 510 thread interface is also used, which means you can use VOOPOO Drag X Plus Mod with other vape tanks.


Pod cartridges


The innovative TPP Pod Tank has a juice capacity of 5.5 ml and is compatible with all coils of the TPP series. It also has a standard 510 thread interface that you can use with other vape mods as well.

Together with this pod tank, 0.15ohm TPP DM1 mesh coil and 0.2ohm TPP DM2 mesh coil are sold together.

Among them, the best power of 0.15ohm TPP DM1 mesh coil is 60-80W, and the best power of 0.2ohm TPP DM2 mesh coil The best power is 40-60W.

The combination of TPP coil and Drag X Plus can create lots of clouds and excellent taste.




I'd like to talk more about the buttons which are also different from the previous Vinci series. The change buttons are used very frequently so it's easy to judge whether it's a good device or not via that. Comparing to the flat buttons on Voopoo Vinci or Vinci X, Drag X plus's buttons are concave which fits human fingers better, and it's not as tight or hard as the Vinci series. At least in terms of buttons, some adjustments are made on earth. Besides, the up/down buttons get separated which is even better. Shortly, I like these buttons.


Voopoo Coil


An interesting thing I noticed, is that the 0.15-ohm coil vapes really well in the 40-60 watt range. It’s a close call, but I think I actually prefer it to the 0.2-ohm coil even in this range. This is great because you’ll be saving even more battery this way. But regardless of performance, I’d suggest getting a second pod and some 0.6-ohm coils to go with it for when you’re out and about. The 0.6-ohm coil may not be as flavorful as those two, but you will be getting a lot more life out of the battery with it and its 20-28 watt rating. You can read more about this coil here.


I couldn’t try these kits for MTL due to not having any 1.0-ohm coils left, but it seems that the new airflow system will probably not allow tight MTL vaping. I did wish they came with an RBA head in the box, but it’s fine if it keeps the price lower. I also think that they need to redesign the existing RBA head—I’ve tried it on the Vinci Air and the Navi and it is a real hassle to build, mainly due to the tiny hex screws and the weird angle of the wick ports.


Finally, Voopoo says that a 510 adapter is coming, which will allow the X and S to be used with your own tanks. A 24 mm sub-ohm tank would be a perfect fit on top of these mods, and I’d also really love to use them with an MTL tank for the added battery life.


VooPoo Drag


VooPoo Drag is well valued for VooPoo many remarkable products that make use of the GENETICS chip. As we know, the VooPoo was established in 2014, which made the first excellence in the clinical and industrial fields. In 2017, VooPoo got into the e-cigarette market after getting the US-based brand, WoodyVapes, they continued to advance as well as use its growing team. VooPoo obtained the focus of countless consumers worldwide by the partnered with the designers of the GENETICS chip.



Voopoo Drag X Plus Vape Review



 there are some good and big improvements:

 The mod accepts 21700/18650 battery and the max wattage output increased to 100W, which means a lot for vapers who use sub ohm tanks or rebuildable atomizers.

 And now it adopts standard 510 thread to match with all kinds of tanks or atomizers, including the new TPP tank and PnP pods which are used on the original Drag X. So the new Drag X Plus mod will be a good choice for vapers who needs a single battery mod.

voopoo drag x plus

Another new design is the TPP tank, though it’s hard to say its performance right now as we have not used it yet. The new TPP tank is a combination of a TPP pod and a 510 thread base. You can use the TPP pod on Drag X, Drag S, Drag Max, and Argus Pro, Argus X, with the 510 thread base you can use your PnP pods on Drag X Plus and Drag 3.

 Omit, the new Drag X Plus offers more options for vapers to choose the tanks and a wider range of wattage output!




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