What are VG & PG? What's the difference?

VG is Vegetable Glycerin. VG is an organic compound usually extracted from plants such as coconuts. It's used widely throughout the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. PG is propylene Glycol. They are two main ingredients in E-liquid
Main features and functions of VG

1. VG is the main source of the smoke. The higher the glycerin content, the greater smoke.
2. VG is derived from plants, many vapors believed that VG is healthier. Vapor who like VG because VG has fewer throat hits and less irritation than PG.
3. VG is naturally sweet, which some users think is a good way to eliminate the need to be sweet-flavored into E-liquid. However, some Vapor found VG's sweetness is too strong for the E-liquid itself.

Main features and functions of PG
1. PG effect is to dissolve and mix flavors and other solutions
2. PG is much thinner than VG and produces much less smoke. But PG has strong throat hits. A lot of vapors are like that feeling.
3. PG has been identified as a safe food additive by FDA. However, Some users have experienced allergies after using PG-containing E-liquid. 


VG’s advantages
1.Heavier smoke
2. Healthy, less allergic reaction
3. Natural sweetness
4.Less throat hit

VG’s disadvantages
1. E-liquid is thick and not easy to conduct oil
2. Poor throat hit feeling
3. Sweetness may overwhelm the flavor
4. Thirsty and phlegm accumulation

PG’s advantages
1.Easy to mix the essence
2.Strong throat hit

PG’s disadvantages
1.Although deemed safe by the FDA, adverse reactions are still possible
2.E-liquid needs to add sweetener


Some suggestions for customers who want to DIY E-liquid! If you want a smoky and strong throat hit, choose high VG, high nicotine, and a little mixed mint flavor E-liquid. If you want a soft, less smoke chooses a medium PG/VG, medium to low nicotine oil. If you're a thrill-seeker chooses high PG, high nicotine, and pure mint E-liquid.


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