What Is Vape?

What is e-cigarette?
Electronic cigarettes, commonly known as VAPE or Electronic cigarette, are electronic products that have similar functions to ordinary cigarettes. The appearance of the first generation of electronic cigarettes is similar to that of ordinary cigarettes. The second, third and fourth generations of electronic cigarettes have very different shapes. Big changes, whether from a good-looking point of view or from the use of the hand, can be found in the market to meet the needs of users. There are easy to carry vape pens and vape mods of different shapes.
Functionally, an electronic cigarette is generally composed of the main body equipped with a battery and an atomizer equipped with an atomizing core. When in use, the battery drives the atomizer to heat the oil in the oil tank, usually called E-liquid or E-juice. At this time, the smoke will volatilize and be used for smoking. The oil tank of the atomizer can be added with smoke oil. Usually, the smoke oil used by people contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food flavor or nicotine.

At present, there are two popular hosts on the market, one is a chip-mounted (YiHi or DNA) electronic host device, which basically has a short-circuit protection mechanism, and automatically breaks when the atomizer is short-circuited. Electricity, cannot continue vaping, the other is a mechanical host, no short-circuit protection mechanism, the form of atomization is more violent, can produce a larger mouthfeel than the rich fog.

Is the electronic cigarette harmful or not?
E-cigarettes are less harmful to the body than traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes can release more than 60 kinds of carcinogens when burned, while e-cigarettes do not burn, they will not release substances harmful to the human body and reduce the harm of friends and relatives who smoke second-hand smoke. After using electronic cigarettes, the symptoms of coughing are also will be better; e-cigarettes can be used as a smoking cessation device.
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