Why Does Carbon Accumulate in My Atomizer?


Whether a vape tank or a RBA, a black substance will gradually appear on the atomizing core coil. Some people might be confused about this. This is caused by the carbon accumulation of the atomizer. Although the carbon accumulation of the vape tank is not visible, it does exist, which influences vaping. Thus, how to solve the carbon accumulation problem of the atomizer has become the focus problem.

Carbon accumulation is simply a general term for black substance on the coil.

The term carbon accumulation on the coil is pretty vague. In a period of usage, the black matter attached to the e-cigarette coil is called carbon accumulation. The carbon accumulation is not necessarily produced by one substance or method.

Why do the coils have carbon accumulation? How does it form the phenomenon?

The formation of carbon accumulation has two main aspects.
On the one hand, it is the sugar in the vape juice. The sweeter the vape juice is, the more likely it is to form carbon accumulation. And the working principle of the vape is to instantaneously evaporate the vape juice through the high temperature of the coils. Afterward, high temperature and sugar have been natural enemies all the time. Sugar will appear sticky, attached to the coils and cotton. Eventually, it will become more and more intense over time.
In the meantime, another reason for carbon accumulation is the resistance to burning. In daily use, you choose cotton that is inferior and has better resistance to burning. To pursue a rich vapor, the vape juice can not keep up, which can not wet the cotton in time. Subsequently, the heating coils will directly bake cotton, forming In the carbonized block. As a result, oil storage capacity is lost.

What effect does excessive carbon accumulation have on the atomizer?

If the accumulation of carbon is too much, it will greatly impact on the heating effect of the coil. Consequently, it will directly influence the vapor and flavor. Meanwhile, carbon accumulation will also pollute cotton, especially for which of the atomizing core.

How to avoid or delay the formation of carbon accumulation?

When choosing the vape juice, try not to choose a particularly sweet and thick vape juice. If you just have a preference for the sweet one, whether it is a vape tank or a RDA, don't take a buff in succession. Cotton should be left enough time to absorb vape juice and cool down the coils. Make ensure that the cotton storage capacity is commodious.
Take note of wattage option, and gradually choose the befitting one from wattage range. The advantage is to get the superb flavor and reduce the carbon accumulation as well as reduce the cost of vaping. The cotton of the RBA should be also as fluffy as possible to increase oil storage. By the way, a carbon accumulation is inevitable, and what we can do is to prevent this situation.

How to clean up after forming carbon accumulation?

For the vape tank core, you can only select to replace it directly, and the cycle is around one week. High as the cost is, it is quite convenient. For the RBA, you can try to deal with the problem and increase its lifespan.


Approach: We can disassemble the cotton and then heat it with low wattage. After burning the coils, it can be quickly quenched into warm water. The warm water is used to alter the texture and performance of the coils. The black tiny charcoal can be visible. Whereas, it is not recommended to repeatedly burn the coils. Different materials will have their various limits, which means that you violate the heat treatment.


After burning, take advantage of a special brush to gently remove the carbon accumulation on the coils. It is better to be armed with filament and NI coils, which effectively extend the lifespan. You can simply enjoy the vape with an alternative RTA. Myuz Hadar RDA  is recommended, which is one of the top 10 vapes. Armed with an airflow system of 15 holes, it is able to facilitate cooling and rich vapor. Top dripping leaves convenience for customers.
In addition, Myuz Hadar RDA possesses mesh coils, which will smoothen the flavor. What’s more, it is highly thought of and the low price. You will not regret to buy this one. Myuz Hadar RDA is a superb option for guys.

What is the method of RBA cleaning carbon accumulation?

The advantage of the RBA preferable to the vape tank is that the coil can be cleaned. The approach of cleaning the carbon accumulation is generally divided into two methods: quenching and dry burning. The recommended method is to remove the cotton and dry the coil. In the end, use a small iron brush cleans the surface of the coil. The cleaning of the carbon accumulation cannot be thoroughly removed. For instance, the oxide on the surface of the coil is difficult to remove completely.

How to reduce the rate of carbon accumulationion?

The accumulation of carbon in the coil is inevitable, and there are only a few ways to reduce its speed. For instance, It can be used on the atomizer with low-sweet and non-extracted vape juice, and the condensate in the atomizer can be treated in time. For the RDA, the vape juice can be added to the surface of the coil as evenly as possible. 
This thread on carbon accumulation is universally acknowledged. For some vapers who use RBAs, they could conduct regular cleaning and cotton replacement. Whereas, the vape tank users can only replace the wick or choose the vape juice produced by low carbon accumulation to prolong the lifespan of the wick.
I hope that the above content could assist you to solve the problem of carbon accumulation in the atomizer and get a better vaping experience. What’s more, you will not worry about carbon accumulation and enjoy your vaping completely and joyously. Vapeciga.com is devoted to selling the superior vapes and spread health and positive vape culture.
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