Wotofo Recurve Dual Rda Review

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I would like to bring a good review about Ecig to you in this time, as we all know that WOTOFO company launch many popular vape series, such as WOTOFO RDA: WOTOFO Troll RTA, WOTOFO Serpent mini RDA & RDTA Atomizer, Recurve dual RDA, WOTOFO troll v2 RDA Atomizer......But I would like to introduce one amazing vape product to you - WOTOFO RECURVE DUAL RDA: https://www.vapeciga.com/products/wotofo-recurve-dual-rda

RECURVE RDA (click here) is a juice atomizer, which is developed by WOTOFO and American senior reviewer MIKE VAPES.

The design of the whole atomizer is very good. The thickness of the outer cover is about 2mm. It is very thick and can control the heat of the atomizer. The interior is not designed like the waist, but it is smooth and vertical. The layered design is equivalent to a gas flow space of less than 20 mm in diameter, which has a good effect of compressing smoke. There are six small air intake holes on the left and right sides. The design of the outer cover is very beautiful. The middle waist position is about 21mm, and the control is very good. The dripper has also been designed with a waist, which can be very comfortable to fit the mouth shape. The inside of the drip nozzle is slightly inclined, which can play a role in preventing condensation.

Taste is very full, and the full-opening air intake is very comfortable. Due to the compression of the space volume, the effect of atomization is very good, and it is found during use that due to the design of the electrode column, avoid the problem of side oil frying.

Come and find one you like! Click here: https://www.vapeciga.com/

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