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This buying guide should answer your difficult questions: which e-cigarette to choose? Should I choose Teslacigs vape type or others? How to choose your vaping machine? But above all which electronic cigarette to buy? This buying guide and advice for electronic cigarettes will direct you to the product that meets your expectations. And that, whether you are a small smoker or medium smoker. The quality of e-cigarette results from alchemy between a current, a resistance, an airflow, an e-liquid and a vape.

The battery is used to heat the resistance to cause the vaporization of the e-liquid. The suction at the same time mixes air with steam. Inhaling this vapor causes a hit and simulates tobacco smoke. The choice of a vaping battery is the first important criterion when we wonder which e-cigarette to choose: by its qualities, the battery, or accu for mods, will define a range of use for your e-cigarette as well as a current quality.



The choice of the clearomiser is also important: this will define what resistance and what air flow will be used. The choice of clearomizer must therefore be made in accordance with that of the battery, not only at the design level but also at the level of its range of use.

 The major components of an e-liquid are propylene glycol (rather liquid) and vegetable glycerin (very viscous). Choosing an e-liquid taking into account these criteria will allow you to control this variable.

Finally, the way to vape is very important: if you vaporize as you smoke a cigarette, that is to say by repeated strong and brief aspirations, you risk choking. On the contrary, you must vacuum gently and for longer. Testing the airflow setting will allow you to find your vape style (tight or airy).

Another advice to buy an electronic cigarette kit such as Teslacigs Invader GT, for an optimal rendering whatever the material, triggers the battery at the same time as the aspiration.



How does a battery and a rechargeable battery work?

When you wonder which e cigarette to choose in your favorite online vape shop (, the battery is a criterion to take into account. The technologies currently used allow a lifespan of around 300 cycles, or even up to 500 cycles for the best qualities and under the best conditions of use and storage. Batteries and rechargeable batteries are charged at the factory, however there is inevitably a natural discharge over time. We will therefore discuss the different phases in this buying guide for electronic cigarettes.

It is therefore advisable to systematically recharge a battery before first use.

These charged elements must also be stored, protected from light, in a dry, ventilated, temperate place and with no possibility of accidental short circuit. It is also advisable to optimize the discharge and recharge cycles by avoiding recharges at 75% charge for example. Batteries, depending on their chemistry and electronic equipment, have specific ranges of use.

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