What Is A Vape Pen

In simple terms, vape pen is an electronic cigarette that looks like a pen. Compared with vape mod, its function and operation method are much simpler.

It’s main features are:

1.Built-in battery with a micro USB port, a long-lasting vaping 

2.Multiple protections, ensure the security and stability of a vaping

3.3-color LED indicator, inform usof the real-time battery life

4.Pen style, space-saving when wetaking it out

5.The cartridge is already made,we can't DIY

The main features of vape mod are:

1.Can use different mA batteries

2.Adjustable output power

3.Adjustable voltage

4.Adjustable temperature

5.Have 510 interface

6.Can use rebuidable atomizers or tanks

7.Advanced smart security protection mode

In general, the vape pen is suitable for novices who want to quit smoking. It is easy to operate and easy to carry.

Recently, a very popular vape pen is also called EGO vape pen.

The EGO vape pen is the latest electronic cigarette product developed by the electronic cigarette industry. It integrates the characteristics of the first generation EGO electronic cigarette and the second generation EGO electronic cigarette. Once the new product was launched, it was well received by the majority of vapors, and the market sales were strong. Many smokers who understand e-cigarettes agree that the pen-type EGO e-cigarette is a very successful e-cigarette product. It combines technology and life, not only allows you to experience the charm of technology, but also feel the warmth of life.

Advantages Edit
1. The appearance of the mini pen is very similar to the real pen
2. LED battery and LCD battery
3. The amount of smoke is huge, we can freely adjust the size of the smoke
4. Transparent cartridge for easy cleaning
5. We can choose various tastes
6. Exquisite packaging, don’t want to put it down
7. OEM service, whatever you want
8. Pump if you want, easy to carry
There are three main types of EGO vape pens on the market. One is 105A and the other is 105C. The biggest difference between the two is that it is a variable-frequency LED battery to adjust the voltage; one is a variable-frequency LED battery and LCD battery, which can adjust the voltage and display the battery capacity And the number of smokeable mouths.



Which brand of EGO vape pen is the best?

Since the design and production of the EGO vape pen, since it has been loved by many people, the market sales volume is huge. Therefore, various sizes of electronic cigarette manufacturers and electronic cigarette wholesalers began to imitate the production of  EGO vape pens, which added their own style characteristics. It should be said that there are many brands of vape pens at present, and each has its own product advantages and selling points. No one is the best. However, if measured from a quality perspective, there is an e-cigarette brand that is very good. For three years, the e-cigarette manufacturer is known for its quality and its products are sold all over the world. Its e-cigarette product is unique in design, technology-oriented, personalized and life-oriented, and better integrates technology, humanity and life into one. Customers who have used the brand's e-cigarettes are full of praise. It is China's Vogue electronic cigarette brand.

Where can I buy a EGO vape pen?

In fact, buying a EGO vape pen is very simple. You can buy high-quality, affordable EGO vape pens through many ways. Such as vapeciga.com. In addition, you can ask your friends to help you buy a EGO vape pen.

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