Why Vape Pen Blinks When Cartridge Is In?

In life, I believe that everyone has encountered Vape Pen Blinks when your cartridge is inserted. Many times you think this is just low battery or not connected to vape, you may think this is irrelevant, think that only need to charge That ’s enough, but often it ’s not the case, and there may be hidden dangers. Today vapeciga will analyze the causes and repair methods of vape pen blinks for you.

Why Vape Pen Blinks When cartridge is in

Vape Pen Blinks Reason:

1. Low Battery Power

Many times, vape pen blinks are often due to the low battery power. This is also the best solution and easy question. It just only needs fully charged.

2. Battery and Battery Box Are Not Tight

When your battery and battery box are not tight, the vape pen will also blink, link problem. At this time, you only need to open the battery door, then check the battery, and finally reinsert the device, and make the battery door firm, the vape pen will stop flashing

3. Battery is Loose

As we all know, batteries also have a life span, and the size of each battery is different. You have to read the user manual and observe the battery model that the vape pen matches, and check your battery on time to keep it complete.

4. Activation Button is Stuck

When you accidentally jam the activation button, the vape pen will also blink. You only need to remove the battery, observe whether the button is clean or blocked, and then solve the corresponding method, clean the area around the button and remove the blockage.

5. Component Error

In many cases, the device may not support sub-ohm or too-low resistance level coils. If you perform vaping after replacement, the vape pen will blink to remind you. At this time, you only need to replace the matching coil of the vape pen or upgrade the equipment so that it can use the low resistance level coil.

6. Activation of Safety Features

This is a very serious problem, indicating that your vape pen has some harmful behavior. Please stop vaping immediately and check the vape pen. First check according to the above method, if the vape pen is still blinking, then this is a potential safety hazard of the vape pen, for this you should carefully read the manual, find the corresponding model item list, and find out the corresponding problems. There may be a short circuit of the vape pen, or it may be that the button is continuously pressed for a long time, causing the vape pen to overheat and blinking, or the battery reading is too low and the battery is damaged and other problems cause the vape pen blink. If you use vape pen correctly, there will be no serious problems.

Battery is damaged

How To Prevent Vape Pen Blinks:

1. Charge the vape pen on time to ensure that it is within a certain safe range of power.
2. Check your cartridge. Some vape pens have e-liquid leakage, remember to clean on time.
3. Clean the vape pen on time, such as dust and liquid left in the vape equipment, to ensure that it is neat and tidy.
4. Check the button life and maintain.
5. Make sure that the components and apps are synchronized, some devices do not have APPs, and some do, depending on the specific situation to synchronize them.

Reasons Why Vape Pen Changes Color:

1. During the consumption of battery power, the indicator light of the vape pen will change color. Generally red means low power, yellow or other colors means that the battery consumes more than half of the power, and green means sufficient power.
2. Vape pen will also change color during charging, some flicker and some pulsate.

Vape Pen Indicator Light Represents Power

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