Vape Juice Storage Method and Life

In the vaping world, every vapers has a favorite flavor of Vape Juice. For example, I like coffee-flavored e juice liquid, because I think she is very delicious and strong, and the cloud is very aromatic, which can make the whole room full of the taste, which can make people excited. But many vapers have a question, how long does vape juice last after opening? Reading this vaping news guide, I believe you can have a deeper understanding of vape juice or e-liquid.

Vape Juice Storage Method and Life

What Is Vape Juice?

Whether it's Vape Juice or E-juice, E-liquid, and vegetable glycerin e-juice, these are all liquids that are used in atomizer and e-cigarettes, and will produce actual vapor after vaping. The nicotine content of each liquid is different, you can choose the vape juice you need according to your preferences.

How To Store Vape Juice or E Liquid

1. Stored in a cool and dry place

2. Place in a dark place, avoid direct sunlight

3. Make sure that the vape juice or e-liquid is closed and do not expose them directly to the air

4. Make sure they are not exposed to liquids

How Long Does Vape Juice Last After Opening?

In fact, the vape juice or e liquid last depends on your storage method and the e-liquid's own PG and VG content. Fortunately, common vape juice or e-liquid can be stored for 1-2 years, and the expiration date will be marked on the bottle.
If the storage method is correct, vape juice or e-liquid can be stored for longer than two years, because e-liquid is mainly composed of PG, VG and Nicotine, they all have a determined shelf life of about two years. After two years may be flavor loss or other circumstances.

Jam Monster E Jiuce Liquid

How To Tell if Vape Juice Can Still Be Used?

1. Observe The Bottom of The Bottle. Pick up vape juice or e-liquid, pay attention to observe the bottom of the bottle, whether there is sediment? If there is sediment, whether it still exists after shaking, if it still exists after long shaking, it indicates that it has deteriorated.

2. Identify The Color. If when you open it, you find it looks strange, with bubbles or strange colors, and the bubbles floating on the surface of vape juice have not disappeared, or the color of vape juice is deepened, it means that she has deteriorated.

3. Smell Careful. If you do n’t find the above problem, you only need to smell the liquid in the end, put the bottle in front of the nose, inhale slightly, or fan the wind in your direction with your hand. If it smells strange or strong, It shows that she has deteriorated.


The storage period of most vape juice or e-liquid is 1-2 years, but for your health, and to ensure that you can get the freshest flavor and the best vape experience when vaping. According to your actual vaping and use times decided to buy vape juice, and keep in mind the expiration date when storing, to ensure that your e-liquid can preserve the complete and best flavor.

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